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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cryptocurrency?
  • Cryptocurrency is a borderless, decentralized digital currency that can be sent and received over the internet by anyone in any part of the world. Cryptocurrency is built on a trusted, secured, open ledger of continuous list of transactions known as blockchain.

How much can I invest for a start?
  • Firstly, you need to open an account with a designated cryptocurrency just like opening a bank account with a designated bank then you proceed to funding. There's no minimum or maximum amount you could fund your account with

How can I cashout?
  • There are several ways to cashout your cryptocurrency. You could exchange for fiat currency with an online merchant/exchanger, you could exchange for fiat currency peer to peer, you could shop online or offline with it. With your cryptocurrency ATM card, you could withdraw cash from any ATM machine or pay for goods and services via any POS anywhere in the world.

How can i get more value for my cryptocurrency?
  • There are basically three ways to get more value for your cryptocurrency

    1. Mining: Mining is to cryptocurrency what printing is to paper money

    2. Trading: This area is volatile and requires proper education

    3. Saving: Here, no further action is required after buying a cryptocurrency. Global market demand and supply of the cryptocurrency automatically have a negative or positive impact on it and the value of your savings constantly fluctuate in worth, obeying the law of demand and supply

Who accepts cryptocurrency?
  • Anyone can accept cryptocurrency just as anyone can accept money. Today, Microsoft, Lamborghini, Japan's Peach airline, Bloomberg online newspaper, Shopnow.ng, Wordpress, Cryptostorez.com, over two hundred and sixty thousand stores in Japan, Namecheap, several cafeterias, entrepreneurs etc accept bitcoin which is the first cryptocurrency

Who is investing in cryptocurrency?
  • No one learns about cryptocurrency and ignore it. In fact, cryptocurrency is perceived to be better than paper money. Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Duncan Logan, entrepreneurs, individuals all around the world are investing in cryptocurrency. It may also interest you to know that cryptocurrency is gaining the attention of government globally and few of them have endorsed bitcoin and ethereum in their respective countries.